Mornings With Minjay is, first and foremost, inspired by mornings with my dog. We have to go for a long walk every single morning before doing anything else, and that forces me to make time for these long walks in the neighborhoods or in nature. A little over two years ago, these calm, lovely walks got me thinking a lot about work-life balance, and I started this blog as a place for me to experiment with and ask questions about the issue. I learned a lot from these explorations.

Over time and organically (both here and on Instagram) Mornings With Minjay developed into a space where I can enjoy recipes and the memories that come with them, explore books and share the lessons or beauty I find in them, and share my attempt “to live deliberately,” as Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden.

Michelle Chahine Sinno Mornings With MinjayMost days, I’ll be writing posts or editing photos for this blog while sitting on the floor with Minjay. Other days, I’ll be on the floor, and Minjay will be supervising me from above, from the bed (his favorite place) or the couch.

A little bit about me: I’m a writer, working on making my first book happen. Currently I’m focusing on long-form essays. In the past, I’ve worked in journalism and communications (for more about that, click here). I currently live in Los Angeles, via Lebanon, Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

A little bit about Minjay: He’s a wonderful 7.5-year-old yellow lab. The jury is out on whether he’s the happiest dog in the world, or the sweetest dog in the world. (I think both, of course). Find more pictures of him on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining me as I strive to live deliberately,


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