2 Ways Starting a Book Club Can Improve Your Life

Michelle Chahine Sinno Book Clubs

I’ve wanted to start a book club for ages. There are 2 components to this when it comes to a balanced life:

  1. A key contributor to work-life balance is to NOT take your phone to bed AND to read a book before sleeping: This leads to having better night’s sleep, getting away from the thoughts or stress of the day, unwinding, and best of all, being transported into a different world and often getting perspective and insight on your own daily hustle.

2. I’ve found that a key to balance is having an “end time” when you stop working. To be sure, this can’t happen every day, especially when you’re starting a new endeavor. And it can be different depending on the day or the week. But without a doubt, resting your mind and doing other things in the late afternoon, evening and night hours makes you more energized, strategic and productive as a whole.

It goes without saying that having friends over on a random week night helps force the “end time” and is an easy way get away from lap tops or other busywork, relax, and enjoy yourself. That’s why having a set date once a month, at the very least, for a book club can help reduce stress, in my opinion 🙂

Book Club Spread Michelle Chahine Sinno

I’ve wanted to begin a new book club since the spring, and it took many months to actually do it (yesterday night!), because there’s always a reason not to, always things that need to get done, schedules, plans… So my main tip would be:

Set a date.

Just pick one date, give everyone else a couple of weeks’ notice, and gather. You can figure out the details during your first meeting, including the first book you’ll read together and when to meet next. The key thing, as with so many other areas in life, is to just start.

Last week, I went to one of the Architects of Change Live events with Maria Shriver here in LA. She was having a conversation with Glennon Doyle Melton, founder of MomasteryTogether Rising, and author of the new book Love Warrior. Something she said during the discussion really resonated with me (well many things she said resonated with me, but here’s one of them):

“All the good done in the world was done by people who stood up and showed up before they were ready.”

So be it with a book club, something you’ve been meaning to do, or a dream you want to follow… Just start! Being ready is overrated.



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