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Wander Far Dream Big

I’m about to embark on a three-week adventure in Europe (Yay!), and I’ve been thinking a lot about the balance between enjoying my photography hobby, saving and sharing some memories from my trip, and being in the present moment.

Taking beautiful photos is something I really enjoy. It’s about creativity, capturing a moment in time, and how you see the world from your own perspective.

“With a camera in my hands, I feel like I have the power to stop time.” Matyas Sarvardy

I did suffer from taking too many photos at one point, but I think I’ve since mastered the impulse of taking a photo per minute (or second! Sigh).

Also, as Gretchen Rubin always says, saving some memories from special occasions and trips  can greatly add to your happiness during and later on.

I also think that sharing special experiences with family and friends can heighten your own enjoyment of it, if done in the right way.

SO, I’ve been wondering, how do you enjoy taking photos and sharing them, without overdoing it?

When it comes to taking photographs on a trip, I think the key is to keep your camera/smartphone away for the first few minutes— the first few minutes in a new place, at a new spot you are touring, etc… Take it all in, look around, and then allow yourself to take a handful of really good, thoughtful photographs.

When it comes to sharing them, I think sharing one photo a day — a lot like the popular one-line-a-day journals, will leave a trail of your journey behind without keeping you on your phone the whole trip. I think it helps to choose a specific hashtag for Instagram (that isn’t used by others), or set up an album on Facebook, so that they are then one collection you can enjoy looking back on.

So that’s my plan! Starting tomorrow, I will share ONE photo every day on Instagram from my trip with my hashtag #WanderFarDreamBig. I can’t wait to see what I’ll discover, what I’ll photograph, and then look back on it all when I return on September 26th.




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