Wishing Is a Form of Planning…

I fell in love with these “Wish Capsules” that I found in Sugar Paper earlier this summer:

Wish Capsules TOPS Malibu Sugar Paper


I wrote last year about how important it is to take the time to think, and these wish capsules are so perfect for that. As we rush about our daily lives, either going from one thing on our to-do list to the next, or out spending time with freiends and loved ones, we need to take a moment to connect with our deep wishes. What better way to do that than to write one down, and carry it with you, literally, until it comes true?Tops Malibu Wish Capsule

I really think one of the main sources of stress and that feeling of being overworked is when we disconnect from our bigger vision for our life and what we hope to accomplish on all fronts.

August is the perfect time to stop, reflect, think about our goals for the rest of the summer, the new fall season and the start of the “school year” afterwards, and make a wish…

Wish capsule carry a wish in your pocket

I just did mine, and the capsule is now in my wallet. (Hint: It’s related to getting my work out there more.)

What do you wish? Write it down!



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