Summer Treats

What’s your favorite thing about summer?

The longer days? Sunny weather? Specific seasonal activities?

And how do you make the most of the summer season?

You may have noticed so far on this blog that I truly feel a key component to a balanced life is appreciating and noticing every season. And while I don’t like to pick favorites between the four, summer definitely opens up boundless potential for de-stressing and being outdoors.

One deterrent to really enjoying it, of course, is having to work too much. Now, this is often unavoidable. We can’t all go back to the days when we were at school and had 3 or 4 months off (though how I wish we could!)

But what is avoidable is the rushing to and from work, and missing out on the joy of summer that for some reason seems to only be associated with children.

For example, we can savor summer treats; either on our way to work in the mornings by stopping for some iced tea and sitting outside a bit enjoying the sunshine–bonus points to meeting friends over iced tea or coffee before getting to the office–or on our way home, like stopping for a cheerful summer ice cream cone in the early evenings, just because.

Roris Ice Cream Michelle Chahine Sinno

When we were kids, did we need an excuse to have ice cream on a warm summer day after running around? No. So why do we need it as adults? We need to take ourselves a lot less seriously, and summer is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the carefree feeling of childhood days at the pool– and embrace that feeling!

I love this “Itty Bitty” cone and scoop in the photo above from Rori’s here in Santa Monica, CA (about the size of your thumb, for $1.75). It’s a perfect way to combine making the most of the season with being mindful about really enjoying food and not overindulging. (Key word: “over.” I’m all for indulging and finding that balance! #LifeAfterWhole30)

Here are some other suggestions of ways to still enjoy the summer even during work days:

  • Make outdoor plans in the evenings since it doesn’t get dark until 8pm. (Minjay helps me with that on our daily walks.)
  • Make a list of specific summer activities you do not want to miss out on (from paddle boarding to baseball games to outdoor concerts), and plan them in advance for the weekends.

What are your ideas on how to make the most of summer and let all our inner kids out to play? I’d love to hear some below! Join the conversation on work-life balance.


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