Whose Mind Is It Anyway?

Summer reading Michelle Chahine Sinno

Whose Mind Is It Anyway Stress Michelle Chahine Sinno
Illustration from “Whose Mind Is It Anyway?”

One of the obstacles to work-life balance, and one of the keys to it at the same time, is what we choose to think about and focus on. It’s so easy to get into a loop of thinking (or even yet obsessing) about work, goals, deadlines, and things we hope to achieve. It’s just as easy to let stress overtake us too.

As we hit July, and the half-waypoint of 2016 passed, I couldn’t help but assess what I’ve done so far to reach my goals of getting my books published and growing this blog. And though I always strive to stay positive, inevitable stress ensued, along with self-criticism, and negative thoughts.

That’s where the danger of thought loops that can take over our days, even weeks, comes in. Sometimes we play tricks on ourselves.

As is often the case, I came across Whose Mind Is It Anyway? when it was exactly what I needed to read. Short and simple, it does what all good books do: Identify and put into words (and in this case drawings), things we need to be more aware and conscious of. It’s a fun guide to getting out of our own heads, with chapters on connecting with our hearts instead of just listening to what’s swirling in our minds, staying calm, avoiding stress and relinquishing control. Here’s a great trailer for the book, that shows the fun illustrations and some of the themes:

It’s worth a read, especially if you want to work on reducing stress, prioritizing what really matters, and finding more balance this summer.

Whose Mind Is It Anyway Ideas Inspiration Nature Michelle Chahine Sinno
Reading over breakfast this Friday morning.


Updated Monday July 18: Here’s a great excerpt from the book, if you’d like a preview.

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