Q&A With ‘Freedom of Animals’ Designer Morgan Bogle

Morgan Bogle Freedom of Animals Nikki Reed
Morgan Bogle with her dogs Luna & Leon, from Instagram @freedomofanimals.

Morgan Bogle is the designer and co-founder of Freedom of Animals, a new sustainable and cruelty-free luxury bag line born out of a love for animals and featured in Vogue, InStyle, Elle, and more. The line currently has a partnership with actress, writer, and animal rights activist Nikki Reed for the Spring 2016 collection. Bogle shares her take on following your dreams and a balanced life:

How did you identify your passions and follow your dreams?

I have always known that I would work with animals, in some capacity; originally it started with dreams when I was a little girl of working with sea lions in the wild (not sure where this came from!), to be a veterinarian, to volunteering with elephants. After years of dreaming of all of this but being locked into the fashion world, so to speak, I decided that I could easily marry the two worlds. I had no idea HOW I would go about doing this, but I knew I had to. I have been manifesting my entire life – building mood boards, practicing the art of manifestation, listening to authors and spiritualists speak of how to bring into your life that which you must have.

What does the term “work-life balance” mean to you?

It meant NOTHING to me up until this year as I literally worked 7 days a week to build the brand. I had no balance in my life. It was entirely about building the brand to support the mission. I couldn’t stop, I had gone mad!
Then this year, after collaborating with Nikki on two seasons, I started to watch her accomplish many things with calm energy, and I became inspired to do the same. Work-Life Balance now means a lot to me, and I can’t live otherwise. It means to take care of my family (boyfriend, two dogs and three cats) first thing each morning. I then take care of myself for about an hour. Once my day has started, I focus entirely on the bags and the mission, then I wind down (earlier) and don’t even discuss business at night. This allows me to understand that everything will work out for the best and to trust the natural and organic cycle of life.
Do you think “work-life balance” is possible? 
I now know that there is no other way to be successful, happy and in sync with the natural flow of life. Doing too much each day isn’t sustainable, so the sooner we can all learn to be in the moment, be balanced and trust the process, the more successful we will be.

What do you wish you do differently in how you manage your day and time? What do you feel you don’t have enough time for, or wish you could tackle better?

I wish I had a bigger team, to delegate more of the tasks that I feel consume too much of my time. I would prefer to be doing more research on sustainability and organizations than working with the sales and warehouse.

Do you have advice for someone starting a new endeavor and grappling with issues of following their passions, doing meaningful work and making a difference, while managing their time to so they can find their “balance” (whatever their definition may be, whether it is taking care of their health, time with loved ones, being present in their daily life, etc.)?

Morgan Bogle Freedom of Animals Nikki ReedI think that people who have the drive to follow their passions, and especially people who are compassionate, will go about it however they feel they need to – which is usually driven by a ferocity too large to control. Usually those that can’t live without doing meaningful, purposeful work are fiery and probably don’t practice much balance.
I think, in my case for sure, that things eventually fall into place and that a calm takes over. My advice would be to intelligently go after what you need to go after and the ‘how’ and ‘balance’ will fall into place. Of course, looking back, I wish my understanding of balance came much sooner!
Practicing being in the moment for a few moments a day is very helpful. Eckhart Tolle has been on my iPhone for almost 10 years! I also recommend Wayne Dyer ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ audio download.

Images from @freedomofanimals on Instagram.


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