Start Each Day by Waking Up Delighted to Be Alive.

Mornings With Minjay Lessons Michelle Chahine Sinno

On the occasion of Minjay’s sixth birthday, I’ll be sharing a special, short series this week on the lessons he has taught me over the past six years. These are condensed versions of longer essays that I’m working on. I hope to one day put them into a book to share with others who don’t get to spend as much time as I do with the happiest dog in the world… (In fact, that was an impetus for starting this blog, as a forum to define and get my ideas out, as a first step to putting together a book of all his wisdom. More on this soon!)

But first, today’s lessons on happiness:

Sit down on the grass. Let me chew my stick. What is the hurry?

Lessons from Minjay Michelle Chahine SinnoThis lesson is very much in line with my post from last week. I learned this one evening in the park around sunset. For some reason, I was in a hurry to get home. But it was a beautiful evening, and there was just no reason to be in a rush. Minjay planted himself on the grass with a stick and forced me to slow down, plop onto the grass like a kid, and sit there, enjoying the sunset and the light wind.

Start each day by waking up happy to be alive.

Every morning, every single morning, Minjay wakes up with such joy, energy, and a wide, loud smile on his face. And when we wake up, he’s delighted to see us so we can start our new day, with all its adventures, together. Every single morning.


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