The Importance of Weekend Getaways


I sat on solid rock on a sunny day in the Arizona desert, a slight breeze keeping me pleasantly cool, the magnificent Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River below me to my right, and my mind was perfectly still except for one simple thought, “This is it.”

It was one of those moments in life when you just feel so right, even if you can’t put your finger on it, explain it or describe why.

Nadim was resting, his head on my lap, and I was looking around, taking it all in. That was exactly what I had dreamed of when I was a kid: going on adventures, in the American West specifically. I hadn’t dreamed about sitting in front of a lap top all day (thought that can often result in meaningful work), or sitting in traffic rushing to a meeting (though that can be worthwhile too), I had dreamt of exploring and seeing the world– which I knew was key to figuring it all out.

That moment at Horseshoe bend–after a morning tour through the Lower Antelope Canyon, which stretches your ideas and imagination of what rock is, what nature is and what the world can be–the importance of planning weekend getaways was reaffirmed to me. Travel in general, for sure. But larger trips often require more resources. Taking a weekend getaway, on the other hand, getting in a car and driving somewhere new, that can be relatively simple to do. The only thing preventing it is usually taking the time to plan.

Michelle Chahine Sinno Weekend Getaways Plan Arizona Antelope Canyon

I learned the importance of seeing new things a long time ago from Minjay. Whenever we walk down a new street, even if it’s just a new block, or a new side of a block, he’s immediately more alert, more engaged and happier. It’s the same for us humans. When I gave him a piece of an apple for the first time a few weeks ago, it was the most incredible thing to watch his face light up in wonder at what he was tasting, and see the expression in his eyes at experiencing the new texture for the first time. It’s the same for us.

That’s exactly how I felt standing on the cliff looking down at the Colorado River (thanks to my cousin who planned that day trip!), and I know I want to feel that way again, and more often. And I also know without a doubt that weekend getaways are key to a balanced life.

Lower Antelope Canyon Michelle Chahine Sinno Travel Weekend Getaway

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