The Magic of Grilling & Roasting…

Grilled Steak Roasted Brussels Sprouts

As I wrote in my very first post on this blog, I think a key to work-life balance is figuring out food, learning how to eat well (and what to eat) and cooking simple, nutritious, and delicious meals at home that don’t take all evening to prepare.

And there’s nothing quite like grilling to help with that! It removes a whole lot of pick up (no washing pots and pans). It’s also great to sit outdoors in the evening and unwind, which Minjay is always eager to do. Whenever he sees me pull out our tray and tongs, he rushes to the door and starts jumping excitedly. The best part is that I can sit by the grill and read while it does all the work me. I feel grateful to live in a building with a communal outdoor grill, but this recipe can also work well with smaller grills, even stovetops ones.  One evening our building grill wasn’t working, and we tried this recipe on a panini maker out of desperation! (It still tasted great, though not as nice and charred as it is on a proper grill). This is something I learned from It Starts With Food and the Whole30: do your best with what you have available; don’t complicate food

One of my husband’s favorite meals is grilled rib-eye steaks. The first time I made them, I was surprised by how easy it was. My former neighbor (who I became friends with because Minjay loved playing with her Golden Retriever) is an excellent cook. I gleaned some great tips from her, including the simplicity of salting steak.

All you have to do is generously sprinkle coarse salt over a rib-eye (at least that’s my favorite cut) on both sides and let it sit for about 40 minutes to an hour in the fridge. I either do this in the evenings while I’m finishing up my work, errands, or when I take Minjay out for his walk. This is also a great recipe for lazy Sunday nights.

Usually, when I salt the steak, I also heat the oven to 425 and pop in vegetables to roast. Favorites with steak are Roasted Brussels Sprouts, that literally only take 5 minutes to get ready, and then they roast happily on their own for 35-40 minutes. To prep: Trim the sprouts by cutting off the ends and slicing in half. Then toss with clarified ghee (or coconut oil, your choice), salt and black pepper. For best results, line the pan with parchment paper and don’t crowd the veggies (another tip from my beloved Whole30 cookbook).

Once the steak is salted and the sprouts are ready–which is all magic that happens on its own with almost zero effort and energy, while you’re doing other things–preheat the grill to high and take the steak(s) out to rest at room temperature for about 20 minutes.

Next, throw them on the grill. 8 minutes for each side is usually a good guide, but if it’s a thinner cut could be less, thicker could be more. Either eyeball it or use a meat thermometer to check the temperature. I follow the guide on mine: 140 rare, 160 medium, 170 well done. Then, as my neighbor taught me, let the steaks sit for around 10 minutes before eating.


If you try out this “recipe” (I use the quotations because it’s so easy it feels like cheating), let me know below!


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