Dreams Do Come True…

Paris Dreams Do Come True Michelle Chahine Sinno

I took this photograph on Sunday evening as the sun set in Paris. I wanted the photo as a reminder of what I was feeling as we looked out across the Seine River at the Eiffel Tower:

Dreams do come true… IF you make them.

I can take a while, it can take years, but you can make them happen.

I’ve wanted to travel to Paris for as long as I can remember, and though I’ve been blessed to travel a lot, it never seemed to happen. This summer, with lots of planning, deliberating, hard work and saving up, we made it happen. It took a lot of work: from booking tickets early, to getting the vacation days from work, to booking hotels, sacrificing weekend plans and any extra spending, planning sightseeing (I checked out about a dozen books from the Santa Monica Public Library to help plan the trip. The two that I found mostly helpful and recommend are: Lonely Planet Paris and Rick Steves’ Rome), planning logistics, finding a dog sitter… It consumed most evenings for weeks. It took a lots of time and energy, and it was worth all of it.

It didn’t just happen. Nadim and I didn’t just land in Paris all of a sudden. We made it happen (and I’m incredibly grateful to have had all the resources to do so this year, please don’t get me wrong).

I wanted to remember how empowered I felt standing on that bridge in Paris after our magical 12-day vacation in Europe: Dreams do come true… IF you make them happen.

Because it surely applies to almost everything else.

Dreams Do Come True Michelle Chahine
My first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower upon arriving in Paris. All I could think was, “Dreams do come true.”

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