It Starts With Food by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig

It Starts With Food

It Starts With Food mentioned last week, but I wanted to dedicate a blog post to it and add it to recommended books for anyone experimenting with work-life balance.

As I wrote, I was talking to a neighbor, a physician, about my experiments with food and eating well, and he suggested that I read It Starts With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. I was blown away. I felt like I was in the 6th Grade again, or whatever grade you first learn about nutrition and how organisms consume things to make energy, relearning the basic. It all confirmed what I had started to know, lack of energy was mostly due to not getting the right energy from food. It was so obvious, but I had missed it, and forgotten about it, for years. I had done everything else: sleep 7-8 hours, pace myself, try not to stress… Food was the missing link.

What was most surprising to me, as I read this book, was how much I was doing wrong under the banner of being healthy, from eating whole wheat bread and certain cereals to low-fat lattes and convenient morning bars for breakfast. Even minor things, like adding chick peas to my salad for extra protein, were adding to my internal unease.

What I love about It Starts With Food is that it isn’t a diet book, it’s more of a science book reminding us of basic things we should all know about how to eat and have balance in our lives.

Everything starts with how we nourish ourselves at a fundamental level.

One of my favorite things is how easy it is to implement, with simple recipes that can be adapted to your own kitchen. Cooking good food has become so much easier thanks to their meal maps and master recipes. I’ll share one next time.


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