The Hormone Reset Diet by Dr. Sara Gottfried

The Hormone Reset Diet Sara Gottfried

I’m a big believer that books find you.

When I came across The Hormone Reset Diet by Dr. Sara Gottfried, I wasn’t feeling too great. I was always tired, and I didn’t know why. I had been struggling with food and weight management for over three years. I was doing what I could to be healthy, but just felt something was wrong. I envied people who seemed to have no trouble with food and were full of energy, all the time. I just wasn’t.

That’s when I read Dr. Gottfried’s story, about how it wasn’t actually anything wrong with me, or my fault. Over the years, in a combination of bad general societal eating habits, the food industry and misinformation, I had forgotten how to eat. I really didn’t know how. As a result, and as I grew older, my hormones were out of whack– and that wreaked havoc on everything in my body.

She explained, so simply, why so many women struggle with weight management, emotional eating, not having enough energy and many other more serious issues. There wasn’t a catch or anything, it was science. And I tried it.

I tried her 21-day very moderate elimination diet, although I made it work for me (no shakes or supplements or anything like that). I followed the simple rules that started with: eat 1 pound of vegetables a day. Some parts of the book were less straightforward than the Whole30 (which I would discover a little while later). There are many useful recipes, one of which I adapted (see my previous post about this) but this book is really about the information. It’s an important read for any woman wondering why she doesn’t have the energy for all the things she wants to do.

This book literally changed my life. It reminded me of the direct relationship between what I ate and how I felt (instead of it being the other way around).

Read an excerpt of the introduction, including an explanation of the process, here.


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